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LEDS C4 consolidates its international strategy and exhibits its new releases at I Saloni Moscow

LEDS C4 has exhibited the light fittings from its Interiors Collection decorative line, as well as the latest designs from its exclusive brand, GROK.

LEDS C4 has participated once again at I Saloni Moscow (9-12 October 2019), an international design fair which is especially aimed at the Russian and Eastern market. The company is seizing this opportunity to continue with its solid commercial strategy by exhibiting its new releases at the world’s most prestigious fairs. Products and innovative technology to meet the new challenges of the sector, aligning not only with energy efficiency, but also with an increasingly more demanding and sophisticated design and decoration culture.

LEDS C4 has participated at I Saloni Moscow with a stand which follows in the wake of its presence at Euroluce (Milan, April 2019). At the recent Moscow event, LEDS C4 exhibited the new decorative products from its Interiors Collection catalogue, as well as the latest additions to its exclusive brand, GROK.

The new products exhibited were: Invisible, Readme, Elamp and Cocktail, designed by Francesc Vilaró; Circular, Candle and Veneto, designed by Benedito Design; Voiles by the French designer Céline Wright; and Ely, by the Italian designer Luca Turrini.

Invisible, Readme, Elamp and Cocktail - designed by Francesc Vilaró

The new wall light version of the Invisible lamp (German Design Award 2016) is a design based on the balance between intuition and functionality. The different positions of its head and arm can create many compositions, allowing us to shape and direct the light where we want it, integrating it into the space.

With Readme, Vilaró reinterprets the classic headboard lamp with a contemporary, relaxed look. With a single light point, we can choose between mood lighting or a reading light by directing the beam towards the lampshade or towards the bed.

Elamp, a multifunctional light fitting with a contemporary design, is born from merging multiple planes with basic geometric forms. Focussed on the mobile phone, every version has a USB port, and the headboard model has wireless charging technology.

Lastly, Cocktail is presented as a portable lamp with an adjustable head which allows you to direct the light and accentuate an object or a space.


Circular, Candle and Veneto - designs by Benedito Design

Another GROK light fitting shown in Moscow was Circular by Benedito Design, in a version which directs the light inwards. An excellent balance between technology and decoration.

Also exhibited was Candle, a delicate light fitting displayed like a jewel, which is a reinterpretation of a classic candelabra with an LED light source. Its light projection creates and accentuates the spaces where it hangs, achieving a warm, natural ambience.

The Veneto pendant collection reinterprets classic luxury with a fitting with simple forms and pristine finishes, providing intimate, refined lighting. Engraving gives the piece character and complexity, creating an interesting light effect.


Voiles - designed by Céline Wright

Céline Wright is one of the most influential French designers. With a sensitive, poetic approach inspired by nature, her Voiles light fitting evokes serenity.

Japanese paper, from which its four asymmetric sides are created, traps the light, adding plenty of personality to the space where it hangs.

Ely - designed by Luca Turrini

Ely is a design by Luca Turrini for GROK. It’s a piece which floats in space, integrating itself into the architecture with minimal impact. Depending on its position and multiple adjustments, it can set many scenes from a single light source. 

We welcome the results of the fair, which has continued to have a very high turnout this year. Visitors with a designer profile and a very digital dimension want to be inspired for their contract and retail projects. For LEDS C4, I Saloni Moscow is an opportunity to establish relationships and exhibit its new releases and services across the Russian territory, the fair being an important event in the diary of all designers.

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