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“Glass blowing is a manual process that requires great skill”

Learn more about the glass blowing process with the new ALIVE video

ALIVE, created by the designer Francesc Vilaró for the LEDS-C4 GROK brand, is a luminaire based on the bare minimum required for illumination; the light source. Now you can learn all about the manual process behind making it with this new video:  

ALIVE, a traditional process

Thanks to its unique design, its lightweight nature and its structural harmony, ALIVE can be understood through modern language, but is also reminiscent of the great classics, giving it a singular, timeless quality.

Each ALIVE piece is unique. They are manufactured in Europe using a traditional, manual process - glass blowing - that, as Francesc Vilaró explains, “requires great skill and a slow process completed with care to give ALIVE the unique features it deserves.”

The choice of materials, its shapes, its component parts and the attention paid to each and every detail, make ALIVE a very special, high-quality piece.

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