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Update on lighting in Chile

Over 50 professionals attended this technical training session organised by LEDS-C4. The goal was to answer the most common technical questions asked by professionals in the lighting sector

In mid-September, LEDS-C4 organised an event in Santiago de Chile that was hosted by the company’s internal training manager, Jaume Vilardell. The goal was to answer the most common technical questions asked by architects, lighting designers, interior designers and distributors.

For this reason, the session covered aspects such as light sources, regulations and protocols, and how the equipment works. It was also explained how our experts develop the products and how tests are performed in the laboratory. Attendees were shown a selection of sample products, which allowed an exploration of the installation system and their possible applications. The event also showcased some of the future technological trends of the lighting sector. 

In short, the event attracted a good number of professionals and kept their attention with an interesting and entertaining presentation. 

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