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LEDS-C4 lights Balmes cinemas in Barcelona

LEDS-C4 oversees the lighting in the common areas and auditoriums of the Balmes Cinemas in Barcelona.

LED solutions have been used to achieve the right lighting level with significant energy saving. Moreover, the LED strip installation succeeds in outlining the interior architecture and lighting the venue.

This lighting project is remarkable as a result of the customised development of an exclusive LED adjustment system for the interior of the various auditoriums. This means that the light intensity in each auditorium can be controlled with the cinema projector through an interface developed by LEDS-C4.

For the lighting of the entire premises, products have been used that combine functionality, particularly for maintenance, technology and design such as the recessed VISION, EQUAL and ROUND FIT, the LED ON HP strips and the LINEAL rails.

The project delivers ideal, appropriate and quality lighting that is fully integrated in the venue and its operational requirements.

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