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Carolina Lemke, Designer Sunglasses Store with Lighting by LEDS C4

A project that highlights the importance of the product

The designer sunglasses brand Carolina Lemke started an international expansion process in 2015, with special focus on the Spanish market. Since then, the brand has launched five stores in Barcelona, one in Malaga and another in Madrid.

LEDS C4 was invited to collaborate on the expansion project and design the lighting for the store near Portal del Ángel in Barcelona.

Product is the key focus of this project, and LEDS aimed to minimise any barriers between items on display and customers in the store by enhancing the shop's sparkling illumination.

To achieve this, MACH3, MULTIDIR EVO and PLAY OPTICS spotlights were used for their great versatility and high colour rendering index (CRI), ideal lights for commercial spaces to highlight product features.



Project: Carolina Lemke
Date: 2016
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
In collaboration with: Carolina Lemke


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