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LEDS C4 Lights Wrangler Store in Moscow

The lights chosen for this project blend into the shop environment to deliver visual comfort and blur the boundaries between customer and product

The denim brand Wrangler was established in 1947, in Greensboro, North Carolina. The company aimed to design clothing that fulfils consumers’ functional needs. Over time, these needs have changed, but the company continues to manufacture jeans, jackets and shirts, characterised by their functional design.

In collaboration with Family Light, LEDS C4 designed the lighting for the Wrangler store in Moscow (Russia). This project used the Cardex C collection, because of its high luminous flux, and the Mach 3 collection, which features spotlights that are ideal for commercial areas as the light beam can be pointed and adjusted.



Date: 2017
Location: Moscow (Russia)
In collaboration with: Family Light

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