Nom del dissenyador, 2021

This collection of linear downlights is the result of a long study developed by LEDS C4’s product developers as they sought to achieve a luminaire that offers high visual comfort and optimal performance. With a long, narrow design, Bento has a multi-cell structure with individual lens modules where each LED uses a specific reflector. It has been developed to guarantee homogeneous lighting and create a Dark Light effect. This type of luminaire is designed to be used in spaces such as offices, the communal areas of hotels, and conference and exhibition rooms, where comfort and integration need to be optimal.


Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
TW 2700-6500K
Effective lumens
Visual comfort

Miniaturisation and an extensive range
Miniaturisation is a market trend, with the aim being to offer extremely small luminaires that still offer the best technical features possible and full integration with the space. Bento is a compact lighting solution, with an extensive range, that doesn't interfere with the architecture's aesthetics and that offers improved control and efficiency.
Dark Light effect
Bento’s Dark Light effect occurs when the luminaire is still switched on but it disappears, making light the setting’s sole protagonist.
Excellent visual comfort
Bento’s lenses are the result of a painstaking development project. Its high-definition micro-reflectors that are integrated in its innovative, anti-glare diffuser in black or white (Raster) generate emission with a UGR less than 16. Its lens system allows the light source to be hidden, therefore guaranteeing excellent visual comfort with a 30º cut-off angle.
Emergency versions
Bento is available in emergency versions for areas that require anti-panic lighting. These versions are supplied with an LED that informs you of the battery level and that is installed separately to the lens group.
Tunnable White
Bento offers Tunable White versions that have a control system allowing you to simulate natural light or to regulate the temperature colour at specific times of day. It requires a DALI system for remote management.
Smart Functionality
Thanks to smart technology, Bento allows you to generate multiple ambiences in a single space, emphasising the desired setting at each time.
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