Nom del dissenyador, 2021

Modis is a new outdoor proposal with a high decorative element. With a clean, neutral profile, its design is based on the great capacity for movement permitted by its ball joint and the option of selecting the beam of light, since it can be purchased with a concentrated or diffused light option. The extensive family of the collection and its composition possibilities make it an option that stands out thanks to its versatility and ability to masterfully and stylishly adapt to the demands of projects requiring aesthetic balance in their assembly. Aside from its decorative value, great care has been taken in the design of its technical aspects to achieve an even more versatile family. Modis has great blow resistance (IK10), excellent protection to stop the entry of dust and pressurised water (IP66) and it can even be installed in marine settings thanks to the cataphoresis treatment applied before painting.


Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
SW 2700-3200-4000K
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Lighting systems
Dans l’ensemble de la famille, Modis présente deux modules intérieurs à choisir entre les optiques Opal et Optics, en fonction des besoins de l’espace à éclairer. La version Opal assure un éclairage général, tandis que la version Optics permet de concentrer le halo pour mettre en valeur des objets ou des scènes spécifiques, avec un choix d’optiques Spot 18°, Medium 34° et Flood 48°. En outre, la version Optics offre un excellent confort visuel (UGR < 16) et une grande qualité de lumière (IRC 90).
Head rotation
The homogeneity of the Modis profile in its various applications means balanced settings can be created with varying options from the collection placed strategically. Creation of the perfect light setting is completed with its head rotation, which turns 350º to the sides and 180º upwards and downwards, offering full freedom when planning how to illuminate the space.
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