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Play is the most modular collection of downlights available on the market. It has 1.5, 3, 7, 13 and 18W LED modules available, to which a wide variety of frames and accessories can be added to obtain the specific downlight required in every scenario. It also has four lenses with different apertures, ranging from Ultra Narrow (7º) to Ultra Spot (50º), and it is available in three colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K and 4000K), in addition to Warm-Dimming and Tunable White options.


Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
TW 2700K-6500K
TW 1800-3000K
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Total modularity
Its wide variety of configuration options and features allow a luminaire to be modelled with more than 40,000 options. Consequently, it can be adapted to any project’s lighting needs while offering an extremely high level of visual comfort thanks to a UGR below 13 and a high colour rendering index of CRI90 or higher.
Lenses for greater lighting control
Improves comfort and redefines the outlet angle.
Elliptical diffuser
Modifies the light beam to extend it. Ideal for passageways.
Square diffuser
Modifies the light beam and makes it square, allowing you to better adapt lighting to the space.
Halo fader
Ensures the light outlet’s angle is not as pronounced, creating a faded effect.
Allows you to control the light outlet and crop the halo to illuminate a wall without illuminating the floor, or vice versa.
Visual comfort
Increases comfort and reduces UGR (glare).
Fine materials and on-trend finishes
The piece’s versatility isn’t only evident in its modules; it’s also evident in its frames, which include fine, on-trend finishes, such as alabaster (which generates transparencies and diffused light), oak and walnut wood (which provide the space with warmth and elegance), and cement (which facilitates full integration with architectural and industrial spaces). In addition, you can choose from two-colour frames by combining white, black and our exclusive Raw Racy Gold in the Deco Symmetrical and Deco Asymmetrical models.
Exclusive emergency modules
This is a light status signalling system patented by LEDS C4, with the emergency indicator included in the same lens, offering your project greater standardisation.
Tunable White
Play offers Tunable White versions that allow you to regulate the colour temperature on an ad-hoc basis via a control system or time schedule to simulate natural light, thus assisting in the human circadian rhythm.
Smart Functionality: Time schedules
By including connectivity solutions, the installation can be adapted according to requirements, either by regulating lighting to improve energy efficiency, or via lighting scenes that provide the space with dynamism and flexibility.
Code configurator
LEDS C4 has an online tool that allows you to create and configure a fully personalised, customised code by choosing from the various module options, frames and accessories available.

Customise the collection

Thanks to the configurator application, you can customise the product features to your project's specific needs.

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