Nom del dissenyador, 2021

Elegance and a tasteful presence are the characteristics of this new outdoor collection with a strong decorative character. Rack boasts a large family and a great modularity thanks to its options and finishes, thus adapting to all needs in chill-out areas with different atmospheres. And all this without compromising on the high performance required by the retail or hotel sector, such as high impact resistance (IK10) and high pressure water resistance (IP66). These characteristics make RACK the most extensive professional-decorative collection on the market.


Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
SW 2700-3200-4000K
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Different options, common aesthetics
The Rack collection is presented with a common aesthetic in the eight available options, both in the table, wall, floor and beacon versions, with the aim of achieving an attractive uniformity across the environment. In all cases, it has decorative side covers, an interchangeable top cover with two popular finishes available: wood and cement and a choice of different colours in its finishes – black as standard and the rest on request. In addition, most versions are compatible with a spherical opal glass diffuser to recreate a more subdued light.
Rack in stationary or mobile format
Rack is available in two versions: a wall-mounted or bolt-on option, and a mobile option that can be recharged with a battery or with a cable and a power plug. The mobile model is also available with castors, designed by Philip Stark, and with an anti-theft accessory.
Colour temperatures
Adjusting the colour temperature according to the desired ambience is essential for a perfect lighting experience. Rack has a range of 2700K / 3000K / 4000K que can be easily switched via a built-in CCT switch.
In some versions, the Rack collection integrates a Bluetooth Mesh device with Casambi technology to generate different atmospheres and create unique spaces.
Smart functionality: Lighting settings
The Smart technology in the Rack collection allows the lighting level to be adjusted or the most suitable colour to be selected, depending on the space's needs, thus offering great dynamism and flexibility.
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