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Lighting an area of transit with more than 20 lux and uniformity greater than 40% by using a distance of 5 metres between bollards is a serious achievement. These parameters are the lifeblood of the collection to ensure it complies with the building regulations required by the Building Technical Code (CTE). Rek is a new feature in the Outdoor catalogue and is available as a highly valuable alternative, since its advanced technical characteristics allow it to fully light a passage by using a smaller number of bollards than if other conventional models were selected, with the guarantee that the area to be illuminated will enjoy perfectly homogeneous lighting. Great care has also been taken when designing its technical features to obtain a collection that's highly resistant to even the most adverse conditions. Rek has an anti-condensation valve included as standard, excellent protection against the entry of dust and pressurised water (IP66), high blow resistance (IK10) and it can even be installed in marine environments thanks to the quality of its aluminium and the cataphoresis treatment applied before painting.


Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Benefits of greater spacing
The fact Rek stands out by illuminating an area of transit with spacing of 5 metres while complying with the measurement of >20 lux and a uniformity of 40% makes it an option with many added benefits.
These benefits include:
• improved architectural integration as by using fewer bollards it doesn't interfere as abruptly in the landscaping
• better energy savings (35% less consumption in the full project in comparison with conventional passage bollards)
• notable savings on the entire cost, both in terms of the luminaires themselves and their respective installation cost
And best of all, regardless of these advantages, an excellent overall lighting result is achieved.
Visual comfort
The design of Rek's lens module means it has asymmetrical lenses that are strategically sunk into the head to ensure no light pollution and offer excellent visual comfort.
Extensive range
The Rek collection is the most extensive bollard collection in the LEDS C4 portfolio. Not only does it allow you to select a colour temperature from 2700K, 3000K or 4000K, but it also allows you to choose between 360º or 180º lighting, two different heights (45cm or 90cm) and even the type of driver (ON/OFF, DALI or Casambi).
Colours available
Modis is available in anthracite grey as standard as well as the personalised The Colours range by LEDS C4.
Pro-base System
Rek has the Pro-base fixing system that ensures perfect installation and greater luminaire stability and durability.

100% integrated. Base fully concealed in the bollard.

100% protected. It includes a technopolymer layer to insulate the base from direct contact with the ground and prevent the aluminium being scratched during installation.

100% stable. It has an extra-thick aluminium base to prevent weak points and to enable its installation in public-use private areas such as shopping centres or hotels.

100% suitable for seafront. Special process to reinforce the exterior aluminium layer, preventing rust.

100% straight. It includes three extra holes to ensure all the bollards remain completely straight during installation and prevent leaning.
The Rek collection features a Bluetooth Mesh device with Casambi technology, allowing for individual control of each luminaire with a traditional phase, neutral and earth facility.
Smart functionality: Time schedules
The Rek bollard can be managed remotely using the Casambi app and can perform a range of functions, including programming switch-on/off according to set times, which is essential in transit areas where the luminaire is often positioned.
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