Nom del dissenyador, 2021

Elegance, character and versatility in its operating modes in a profile free from design harshness. Sam is designed to light transit areas from the wall by agilely and simply adapting to the lighting needs of each space. With a rather shallow case, the piece is installed on the surface, meaning no recessing is required.


Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
SW 2700-3200-4000K
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Optic block with three usable positions
Lighting needs can change depending on diverse factors, whether they're time ranges, the need to devise different settings in a single space, or the need to light up areas of greater or smaller size. Bearing this in mind, Sam has an easy-to-use internal mechanism that allows the distance of the optic block to be adjusted in relation to the diffuser, thereby creating different lighting levels depending on how many metres of floor are to be illuminated.
Switch CCT
It has a built-in CCT switch that allows you to change the colour temperature, switching from a warm tone to a colder option, with a range of 2700K, 3200K and 4000K.
Visual comfort
In all of its possible options, Sam offers excellent visual comfort as the layout of its optical block prevents glare and, as a result, any type of light pollution.
Finishes available
Sam is available in the Z5 finish as standard and it can be personalised with the extensive The Colours menu offered by LEDS C4.
Highly resistant
The collection can be installed on the seafront and other settings with adverse conditions since it features an anti-corrosion treatment, which is applied before it's painted to enhance its resistance.
Easy installation
The easy of installing a luminaire is always an important aspect when choosing the model that best suits the project's needs. Sam doesn't require any equipment to be installed, nor cases to recess it into the wall, given that its ultra-flat design includes a built-in driver. Furthermore, Sam has a double cable outlet to facilitate installation in a row. The larger model has a quadruple cable outlet to allow you to use supply cables and DALI signal cables independently, if the DALI option is selected.
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