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Technical specifications

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This collection of linear wallwashers is specifically designed to achieve an ideal, stylish gradient lighting on vertical architectural surfaces. They can be installed in series using easy-to-install connectors, interlinking different luminaires while observing the light spacing between LEDs. Tron offers a perfect beam thanks to its 180º orientation, which allows for homogeneous, break-free lighting.

Elliptical optics

Thanks to the strategic positioning of the LEDs and the incorporation of elliptical optics, it is possible to project a uniform illumination, especially designed for bathing walls and facades.

RGB Version

The RGB version brings versatility to the project and can thus be adapted to the creative needs.

Wallwasher effect

The Tron collection is ideal for covering large vertical surfaces, in both standard and RGB versions.

Smart Compatible

As it is a 24V light that can be dimmed using PWM technology, it is compatible with the Casambi PWM device (IP66), allowing this light to be controlled within Casambi's Bluetooth Mesh system.

Remote driver

Some wall coverers are installed in spaces that are difficult to access, so it is important to have a remote driver, as in the event of a breakdown, access is quicker and less costly. In addition, if the project requires dimming, an adjustable driver can be selected to suit the needs of the light fitting and the environment.

Maximum durability

The structure consists of a casing made of anodised aluminium to maximise the product's useful life, which also allows it to be installed in damp environments or even on the sea front.

Technical data

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