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Vercle is a collection comprising a linear and curve system that provides lighting around the perimeters of outdoor spaces, such as planters and trees or other elements like sculptures and buildings. This collection makes light the star of the show by projecting gentle bounce lighting of great visual comfort, which is fully integrated into the environment.


With an innovative, minimalist design that is unique on the market, it has a ring format version with options in diameters of 40 and 65cm, and another version in linear format, with measurements of 50 and 197cm.

"45 cm|65 cm|50 cm|197 cm "
High visual comfort

Vercle offers high visual comfort thanks to the conical black finish trims and the recessed arrangement of its resin-protected LEDs.

Totally integrated into the surroundings

This collection has a minimalist design and a narrow structure with the minimum thickness necessary to operate, which enables the light to be placed at ground level, making it blend in completely with its surroundings. It includes an optional accessory stake to be stuck into the ground.

Maximum durability and resistance

"It has a casing made of extruded aluminium to maximise product life and can be installed in wet environments or even on the sea front. It also has an exclusive resin diffuser, double cable outlet and watertight snap connectors to facilitate series installation.  "

Smart Compatible

The Vercle collection is compatible with the Casambi PWM device that allows lights to be controlled by the Casambi Bluetooth Mesh system, enabling the lighting design offered by Vercle to be combined with the flexibility of a connectivity system. This device has a guaranteed water tightness of IP66.

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