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This contemporary column in the form of a zig-zag was created to effortlessly fit into the architectural landscape. Ideal for public-use and private spaces, including shopping centres, hotels and residential areas. It ensures excellent visual comfort due to its shape and because the LED is located underneath the lamp. Available in Symmetrical and Asymmetrical versions, both of which have been designed to respond to specific lighting needs. Both versions feature an integral dimmable driver that can be used to adapt the intensity of the light depending on the requirements of each space or time.

Symmetrical option

This option is ideal for achieving greater forward light flow and maximising visual comfort to the sides. To achieve this, individual LEDs are nestled behind symmetrical reflectors and these reflectors in turn are hidden behind anti-glare accessories. Resulting in an incredible UGR lower than 10.

Asymmetrical option

This option is ideal for achieving greater light flow to the sides and maximising visual comfort to the front. To do this, highly efficient, strategically positioned, asymmetrical lenses are used, which allow for excellent lighting on all kinds of roads, paths and even bike paths. Best of all, it allows for project savings as these luminaires can be installed far from each other without any loss in light homogeneity.

High visual comfort

Optimal positioning of the LEDs with high quality lenses guarantee excellent visual comfort.

Quick installation

It includes a watertight power strip with double cable input and a set of bolts with a template to facilitate and ensure the luminaire is securely fixed to the ground.

Easy maintenance

Its LED modules are easily replaced in the event of breakdown. All you need to do is open a hidden cover on the back of the head. The driver can also be quickly replaced if it breaks down as it’s strategically positioned inside the lamppost. It can be accessed by opening the access door cover located on the back of the lamppost’s base.


Its casing is made from extruded aluminium to maximise the product’s lifespan and it can be installed in wet environments or even on the seafront. Internally, it’s also designed to withstand adverse weather conditions.

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