Architectural Systems by LEDS C4 proposes an integrated solution of ceiling and customised light fittings for each project

· LEDS C4 is the only Spanish company that offers this type of product, variety and customisation options, all of which make the work of architecture and interior design professionals significantly easier.

· A set of integral and 100% customisable solutions for spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants or retail, with minimalist finishes and the possibility of incorporating lighting in various ways: hidden, fully integrated or suspended.

· The solutions include metal ceiling options, wood and sound-absorbing panels, with multiple textile cover options in a wide range of compositions, colours and even textures to create a homogeneous feel or not, with no limits to what can be done.

Architectural Systems Lineal

The new Architectural Systems catalogue by LEDS C4 is one of the most interesting and decisive proposals for designing spaces in recent years, created to facilitate and enrich the work of architects and interior designers. It offers very high-quality finishes, countless customisation options, technical advice and additional features that go far beyond the light itself, such as sound-absorption, for example. The formats and dimensions are generously sized, with the possibility of making them to measure. With this, there is the option to work beyond the traditional module of standard measurements, and be able to tailor it to the project, as well as extend the solutions in the space from the ceiling to the walls. In addition, and very importantly, this makes it possible to facilitate the realisation of an a priori complex idea through LEDS C4 as the only interlocutor.

The LEDS C4 design and innovation team offers distinctive solutions including:
Metal tray ceiling systems; Metal linear ceiling systems; Wooden ceiling systems, and Sound-absorbing panel systems.

All the company’s lighting, acoustic, control and connectivity, and architectural solution design departments work together, collaborating with engineers, architects, interior decorators and lighting designers to adapt and customise their projects. They do this from the LEDS C4 headquarters in Torà (Lleida) as well as from their Design and Innovation Centre in Madrid, which opened last year. In addition, LEDS C4 recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Official Architects’ Association of Madrid (Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid, or COAM) and they are part of MATCOAM (the institute’s gallery of materials), where they have their own physical space where any professional can come and access to all the Architectural Systems solutions, gaining advice and knowledge.

Ferran Pérez, Architectural Systems Manager at LEDS C4, says, ‘The ceiling carries a lot of weight and importance within any project and with Architectural Systems we manage to solve the integration of lighting, air detectors and even PA systems, all in one, without limits to creativity and giving professionals a single supplier for everything. It’s a giant step for undertaking office and retail projects’.


All this with a responsible and active attitude regarding health and the environment: customising these systems with the control technology and connectivity of LEDS C4, which makes it possible to regulate and satisfy people’s lighting needs; using recycled and recyclable materials, and being backed by the most up-to-date health and environmental certifications, both for lighting and acoustics.

Metal ceilings

LEDS C4 enhances the durability and easy maintenance of metal ceilings thanks to the minimalist integration of lighting. The result is a unique, clean ceiling that does away with embedding frames, made with metals from recycled products, which are also fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.     

Moreover, thanks to the combination of perforations available and their insulation options, ambient sound reverberations are reduced to levels suited to the space’s anticipated use. 

Plus, these ceilings can be constantly handled with no fear of damaging them, thus maintaining their initial conditions in terms of aesthetics and cleanliness. 

Wooden ceilings

Using wooden ceilings in interior design provides great warmth and elegance. On top of these characteristics, LEDS C4 also allows their lighting systems to be built-in, creating unique settings that fit the style and needs of the project. Wooden finishes convey a sense of cosiness to users and give projects a distinctive character. Plus, there is a wide variety of melamine finishes in the catalogue.

LEDS C4 is committed to responsibly managing the planet’s forestry resources, — environmentally, socially and economically — which is why we work with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. 
The porosity of wood, the combination of the perforated designs available and their insulation options reduce ambient sound reverberations.

Sound-absorbing systems

The use of sound-absorbing panels when designing interiors, combined with the integration of LEDS C4 light fittings, provides the perfect architectural, acoustically comfortable solution.
Sound-absorbing panels are made from recycled products and can be fully recycled again at the end of their useful life.

These panels, made of mineral wool, are in turn covered with a wide range of textile fabrics or felts — in many colours — that are easy to clean and which, together, due to their light weight, are easy to install and handle.


Hand in hand with professionals

LEDS C4 provides professionals with all the information related to Architectural Systems in its own catalogue (available on the website), in the showroom of the headquarters offices in Torà (Lleida), in its Innovation Centre in Madrid or at the headquarters of COAM (Official Architects’ Association of Madrid), where it has an exhibition space with a wide variety of innovations in architectural systems.