Connected lighting in LOOM Torre Glòries, Barcelona

LEDS C4 has designed, developed and supervised the installation of the entire lighting of the new flexible and versatile space of LOOM (Merlin Properties) in the prestigious Torre Glòries, located in the technological and creative district of Barcelona. The project covers a total of 2,500 m2 distributed over three floors and has created 160 jobs; in addition, the LEDS C4 Smart Light for Office control, connectivity and digital services solutions have been applied to optimise maintenance, energy saving and efficient management of all spaces.



  • Adjust artificial lighting depending on natural light conditions, and thus avoid major contrasts with the 360º natural light entering the building, to avoid fatigue and headaches, and reduce energy consumption. 
  • Comply with the Workplace Standard EN12464 on lighting comfort and glare for the worker.  
  • Control the activation of the lighting of the common areas or meeting rooms depending on occupancy. 
  • Control and analyse the degree of occupancy of rental rooms to respond to customer demands.
  • Create a work space focused on people, optimising their performance and boosting their creativity.
  • Carry out the lighting project, in addition to the supervision and monitoring of the work from start to finish. 



1. Lighting project

The LEDS C4 lighting project and consultancy unit has designed a lighting staging focused on the building’s architecture and its people, using connected lighting systems that generate differentiated spaces, offering a high degree of comfort and design.

2. Products

At the product level, we are committed to a combination of linear and cylindrical architectural lighting, and decorative lighting options that add character and adapt to the needs of each space. 


sensor infinite

Infinite Hexa-Cell: In work areas, it guarantees 360º UGR below 16. See UGR plan.



Tubs: In formal meeting rooms, straight and sober forms, directional lighting.  



Circ: Informal meeting rooms, diffuse lighting.



Play Recessed and Play Surface: In common areas, its versatility allows directional lighting, and in addition to convenience, free-style effects are possible. 



Attic: Rest and dining areas. The range of geometries adapts to the space to be illuminated. 


3. Smart Light for Office


Lighting control

Given the architecture of the Torre Glòries building, consisting of a double-glazed structure that ensures natural light all day, a sophisticated system has been installed to control the use of sunlight and to adjust usage depending on occupancy, based on 150 Wireless D4i (DALI for Iot) smart sensors, distributed over three floors and perfectly integrated into the lighting.

The lighting is completely autonomous and is self-regulating depending on natural light, occupancy and also the space, with up to 85% energy saving.  

In turn, the lighting can be customised with remote controls located in every room, with four default setups and fine-tuning buttons for every two work stations. Thanks to this flexibility, adaptation to each user is guaranteed and it brings a high added value to the installation, ensuring maximum productivity. 


Connectivity and digital services

Connected lighting with LEDS C4 Smart Light for Office enables us to manage the project remotely, making it possible to monitor the installation, change the regulation profiles and visualise the lighting data through the DALI D4i platform.

The installation’s key data points are the energy saving due to natural light and occupancy, the temperature of the spaces, as well as real-time reports of the state of the lighting and their flow maintenance, all through graphic panels and data records. 

The data is available locally and in the cloud, and can be used by third-party applications or APPs via API, or through a BMS system, to provide a number of functions such as customising the temperature and lighting of the rooms, or reserving the spaces online.