Interview with Luca Turrini

The light designer has worked on the new Outdoor collection, Zigzag

LEDS C4 launches its new 2020 catalogue with Zigzag from its Outdoor lighting range. Please give a short description of the product.
Zigzag is a lighting body with a transversal use and designed to illuminate multiple situations and environments: public, private, residential, tertiary. The product is made up of a rod and a body in extruded aluminium which make it extremely versatile and facilitate its transport and installation; extremely high-performance LED modules are placed inside with technological innovation optics with great comfort.

What is special and different about Zigzag compared to what is currently on the market?
Its shape, even being minimalist, can also be decorative and rigorous just enough to stand out. The lines and the features with the changes of direction underline the liveliness of the project and highlight the ability to be able to adapt successfully in the different architectures.

What was your inspiration in creating Zigzag? How was the creative process?
The first thing I thought of was creating an outdoor fixture using technological principles developed for indoor environments, thus also transferring a new way of living outdoors.

Have you already worked with LEDS C4? Which other products have you collaborated with?
With the JUNCUS outdoor system.

You have a wide range of lighting projects in your portfolio. What attracts you most from the light and why have you focused on this market niche?
I think lighting is what best adapt to my personality, since illuminating spaces is first of all knowing how to observe and interpret them with great creativity. Light is a form of expression and as such it greatly influences our emotional state; therefore, every time I am asked to place lighting into a space, I feel I carry a meaning capable of conditioning and exciting. 

What are Luca Turrini’s references?
The great creators of modern design, able to carry forward their ideas over time, beyond the usefulness of an object or a project, also in search of aesthetic pleasure; at the same time young people with their way of interpreting the reality that surrounds them.