LEDS C4 is combining its references with unique codes in a single box to reduce its annual cardboard and plastic use by 35,625kg

LEDS C4 promotes lines of action around sustainable development, with a clear commitment to practices and processes throughout the value chain.

In order to provide a better product and service, LEDS C4 is introducing the smart codes project, which combines references so that customers only need to order a single code to receive a fully assembled product. The piece will be delivered under a single reference number and packaged in a single box, thus helping to reduce storage resources.

Led by the LEDS C4 Operations Department, the smart codes project promotes the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, reducing the use of plastics and other elements harmful to the environment. In doing so, LEDS C4 will reduce its annual cardboard use by 35,403kg and plastics by 225kg. Moreover, fewer boxes will mean an annual reduction in CO2 emissions by requiring less transport.

Thus, the lighting company is promoting significant improvements in the packaging and assembly of certain ranges within its portfolio with the smart codes project. The initiative currently includes the following ranges from the Architectural Collection catalogue: Infinite, Sia, Play and Multidir EVO L.

LEDS C4 will continue working to implement these improvements in other ranges of its lighting solution portfolio.