LEDS C4 illuminates the Llum BCN 2022 Festival

The Barcelona Light Arts Festival, which will be held on February 4, 5 and 6, will feature 19 light sculptures designed and produced by LEDS C4 as a novelty.

The Llum BCN 2022 signage project is made up of 19 large light sculptures that were made to measure for the festival by LEDS C4 and are strategically placed throughout the Poblenou district in Barcelona, one of the most dynamic and vibrant areas in the city and the perfect setting for the Festival of Lights.

The main design element of each signage sculpture is a circle: a simple expression to symbolise the concept of a place, a meeting point. The rings with built-in LED strips were designed by the special project department at LEDS C4. They are all 1.5 metres in diameter and installed on minimalist structures at a height of 3 metres.

Each ring will be lit up in one of three basic and easily distinguishable colours: red, blue or yellow. Each colour will represent the different parts of the festival: festival locations (red and the identification number for each artistic installation), schools (blue) and external collaborations with the festival (yellow).

Grec Festival 2021

LEDS C4 has therefore provided one of the most important aspects for a festival of this type and size, which attracted more than one hundred thousand visitors last time it was held.

LEDS C4 has also collaborated and advised the students of the IED design school in Barcelona (Istituto Europeo di Design) throughout the project process. This project will use biometric data from two types of trees at Poblenou Park as a basis for programming specific lighting and sound. In addition, LEDS C4 has also contributed to the OracLED installation by BeatMe Lab in the Off Llum BCN circuit, organized by Poblenou Urban District.


What is Llum BCN?

Llum BCN is essentially a huge laboratory in a nocturnal landscape that showcases artists with established careers at an international level. Over three nights the festival will host these creative explorers, who all come from different backgrounds: art, lighting and interactive environment design, architecture, expanded audiovisual arts and live arts. Llum BCN is designed as an opportunity to ask questions, to challenge our preconceived notions of what an urban space can be and to create new models of participation and cohabitation in the public space.

Llum BCN 2022 allows the public to enjoy some works of art that will blow them away. The most groundbreaking will jolt your senses, while other more poetic pieces will captivate you, but the majority of them will make you reflect on various different issues in one way or another, whether they be social, aesthetic, urban or, even, existential.