LEDS C4 lights up the healthiest, most eco-efficient offices in Spain

The management offices at Sevilla Fashion Outlet are the first to achieve both the WELL Gold and BREEAM certifications, and the third to be awarded the WELL V2 Gold certification.

The project is an example of how new offices will look in the near future, taking into account concepts such as sustainability and efficiency, or the maximum comfort and health of users.

The availability of natural light is a key factor in providing appropriate conditions of wellbeing and comfort inside buildings. The benefits of natural light and its contribution to a better quality of life are undeniable.

The latest developments in LED technology mean that nowadays, indoor lighting can also provide people with a sense of wellbeing.

This is particularly the case with LED technology, with its numerous control possibilities and colour spectra and temperatures that can be adjusted with precision, offering enormous support in the office of the future, which already exists in Seville today.

LEDS C4 has provided lighting solutions for the new Sevilla Fashion Outlet offices, meeting the many standards set by both certificates, including:

  • Calculating Melanopic Lighting (EML), or the equivalent of using the right light at the right time.
  • Adapted artificial lighting, which considers the intensity of changing daylight and achieves uniform lighting without large contrasts in light, which can cause fatigue.
  • Light that helps people see the environment in a more real and authentic way, i.e. meeting CRI or TM-30-18 criteria (the ability of a light fitting to faithfully reproduce illuminated objects).
  • Glare-free light fittings that don’t cause fatigue or headaches and therefore have an appropriate UGR in the workplace.
  • Energy savings by using natural light through brightness and presence sensors located near windows. 

Sevilla Fashion Outlet has achieved the maximum rating in ten areas: air, water, food, light, exercise, sound, materials, community, comfort and mind. Ergonomic furniture, spaces that facilitate natural communication between colleagues; a layout that encourages mobility and exercise; natural lighting that respects circadian rhythms; fresh fruit and water at discretion; a biophilic design and organic materials that fill the interior with nature; or company policies that contribute to reducing stress, etc. These are just some of the strategies adopted in this office that contribute to the feeling of a healthier and friendlier working environment.

Project data:
Project: Sevilla Fashion Outlet
Client: Via Outlets 
Architecture: 2jg.architects
Lighting consultancy: LEDS C4
LEDS C4 products: Infinite Pro, Play High Visual Confort, Taglio di Luce, On (LED strips), Pipe
Grok products: Circular, Circ. 
Control, connectivity and digital services solution: Smart Light for Office, by LEDS C4
Location: Seville, Spain 

About Sevilla Fashion Outlet: Sevilla Fashion Outlet is Andalusia’s leading premium outlet destination, a great commercial showcase for top brands. This space is part of the VIA Outlets portfolio, a multinational company that owns and operates 11 high-end shopping centres in 9 European countries.