LEDS C4 opens a Design and Innovation Centre in Madrid

The new centre is focused on lighting projects for offices and commercial spaces

LEDS has recently opened its own Design and Innovation Centre in Madrid, investing two million euros in the project which is initially employing 25 people. The company is aiming to gain momentum in the office and commercial space sectors. Jordi Rocasalbas, Director of Innovation at LEDS C4 and manager of the new centre, stated “this is a unique space for lighting development and experimentation, which will allow us to reach the targets that we set ourselves just two years ago”.

LEDS C4 has decided to increase its investment in R+D+i by creating this design and technology space, which is already fully operational. This new centre is in addition to the innovation and design projects carried out in the central headquarters in Lleida and acts as a driving force of inspiration.

It is conceived as a hub of smart lighting solutions which are specifically applied to offices and commercial spaces: from product conceptualisation and design to technical and digital development and training for professionals and schools. It seeks to develop advanced, tailor-made lighting solutions for each project as well as architectural solutions for integrated lighting fixtures; all of which are equipped with intelligent management systems, connectivity features and digital services.

LEDS C4 CIM AtomSixNFive_Infinite_Pro_LEDSC4

This year, LEDS C4 is also committed to launching comprehensive architectural solutions for metal and wooden false ceilings, incorporating new generations of integrated light fixtures into its portfolio and in doing so covering any needs that may arise in the construction of offices or commercial spaces.


In these new facilities, which are made available to all of the company's clients, the LEDS C4 team will accompany and support groups ranging from engineering firms to architectural studios and lighting designers, as well as property owners or developers who are fronting construction projects for offices and commercial spaces.

With a large surface area of 1,000 square metres, it has a laboratory for thermal, optical and photometric tests; a light experimentation room; an interactive product showroom; and several dynamic spaces exhibiting different lighting concepts. The centre is also equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that allow for the development of products that meet all the standards of the Well and Breeam ecological and wellness certifications.

Xavier Corrons, General Director of LEDS C4, concluded that “this new centre nurtures the knowledge of the entire company and serves as inspiration for our customers. This move allows us to add to the portfolio of 360° lighting products and solutions that LEDS C4 currently has on offer, providing an excellent service to our clients and exporting to more than 140 countries around the world.”