Architectural and integrative lighting solutions for bank branches

Architectural and integrative lighting solutions for bank branches

The architecture-specific lighting concept is based on achieving seamless integration without any mounting trims around the edges of the light fittings and flat lighting, simple yet welcoming and comfortable for the customer. To achieve this lighting effect, we worked with diffused floodlights without any contrasts in all spaces.

We used the Opal version of the Infinite Pro light fitting with 500 lux, uniformity >0.6 and UGR<19 throughout the space.

This lighting solution along a continuous line gives it a technical feel, but the warm colour temperature used gives it the human touch necessary to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Photography by
Jordi Anguera

This custom-made architectural solution, with an integrated LEDS C4 Architectural Systems metal ceiling, has been designed with pass-through perforated metal trays running between the lines of continuous lighting and the air conditioning’s linear track with clean joints. The possibility of using trays with different-length panels allows the lines to be centred in each area. The trays feature sound-absorbing felt to meet the soundproofing requirements of the CTE (Technical Building Code), with a reverberation time of 0.7 seconds.

Our control and connectivity strategy involved using light and presence sensors that were meticulously placed to achieve 50% energy savings. Usability is another of its strengths, thanks to its simplicity and the subtle lighting adjustments are totally imperceptible. Impressively, the lighting is completely autonomous so users can relax, maximising their well-being.

For this project, LEDS C4 provided a comprehensive lighting consulting service, preparing the lighting proposal, lighting and emergency calculations, advice on lighting control, programming and start-up. Furthermore, we also provided advice and a design tailored to the architectural solution and carefully monitored the completion of the works.