Grec Festival 2021: Urafiki by LEDS C4

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Lighting designer



Jordi Anguera




Barcelona, Spain

The installation, designed by the LEDS C4 lighting projects team as part of the Festival Grec, is inspired by a Nigerian folktale that celebrates friendship, and is recreated in the characteristic colours of an African sunset.

For the occasion, LEDS C4 proposes that visitors to the gardens of the Teatre Grec in Montjuïc – one of the main festival sites – travel through nature and time accompanied by its lighting installation Urafiki (friendship in Swahili). The project connects two cultures in a single space-time, celebrating friendship thanks to a live dynamic colour transition experience.

• The 16 light rings are programmed wirelessly to achieve this colour transition. • Every ring is designed so as not to dazzle visitors.

• The entire lighting installation is energy-saving.

• In addition to the 16 custom-made rings, there are LED strips, Cube Pro RGBW floodlights (thanks to RGBW, blue lighting can be projected in the area of the pergolas to simulate water, etc.), Tron lights for the restaurant, and the Taglio Surface model for the fountain area.

• A dynamic space has been created thanks to the LEDS C4 Ready To Play service, creating scenes pre-set by the LEDS C4 lighting projects team.