Iberspa Offices

Iberspa Offices

LEDS C4 has designed the lighting for the new offices of Iberspa – a spa manufacturing company located in Cervera, Spain, that operates worldwide.

The three cornerstones of this project have been functionality, comfort and performance. Seeking to achieve maximum comfort for staff in their work stations and common areas.

Cervera, Spain
Lighting design by
In collaboration with
Grup Carles

For the three floors of the Iberspa offices, lights with a high level of visual comfort have been selected, configuring them with the Casambi dimming module and making the most of natural light in areas with windows. 

In spaces such as the brand showroom, we can find lights such as the Circular decorative pendant light, which has been programmed to select a wide range of scenes to meet all needs. Strip lights with sensors have been used in office areas where there are fewer windows. They are coordinated to simulate natural light coming in during the day.

An office project that has been tailored to the design of the new Iberspa facilities, integrating into the space while aiming for maximum functionality.