Lighting laboratory in Vic

Lighting laboratory in Vic

LEDS C4 has collaborated on the opening of a lighting laboratory connected to art in Vic where artists can experiment with the impact of light on their works.

It's a completely innovative facility comprising 35 Atom spotlights by LEDS C4 that have been specially designed with Tunable White and Casambi, allowing the colour temperature and light intensity to be adjusted on artworks to customise them according to the tones, finishes or emotions to be conveyed at each given time.

Vic, Spain
Photography by
Leafhopper Project: David Simon y Blanca Galindo
Lighting design by

The lighting laboratory in Vic, promoted by Miquel Boada, founder of the distributor Boada, was built in collaboration with LEDS C4 which, in addition to providing products, also offered advice during the design of the facility.

The laboratory opened its doors in February this year, inviting four prestigious artists (all specialising in sculpting and acrylic painting) from the region to experiment with the impact of lighting on their work.

Thanks to an innovative installation of Atom spotlights that was specially designed for the occasion, using LED Tunable White and Casambi built into the luminaire, and the development of a specific application to assure easy handling through a tablet, the colour temperature and light intensity can be easily adjusted to suit the work and the colours or finishes to be highlighted.

The installation's control possibilities are endless, enabling the user to select a full range of tones from 2700K to 6500K, as well as adjusting light intensity. The system allows different settings to be created depending on the artists and works, ensuring a visit to the space is truly experiential.