Manusa Offices

Manusa Offices

Manusa, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing doors and controls for smart access points, has used LEDS C4's lighting in its new offices, located in Barcelona.

This project required integration with the space's minimalist design by creating simple, straight, endless lines. At the same time, it had to ensure comfort, functionality and achieve the light quality necessary in a work space.

Barcelona, Spain
Photography by
Enric Badrinas
Lighting design by

LEDS C4's luminaires have adapted to the company's different spaces and their furnishings. Infinite Pro is the main protagonist. This luminaire allows a high level of efficiency and comfort while achieving uniformity in the space. The peculiar nature of this project meant Infinite Pro was also used to link the company's different spaces. With its recessed version, endless straight lines were composed to join with one another and criss-cross through the rooms on each floor of the building. The project required a high level of precision when it came to cutting the lights.

In the conference room, there is a large number of built-in light points that can be adjusted. This was achieved with Play High Visual Comfort luminaires that offer added comfort and a low UGR. The full perimeter of the room and the building's stairs also feature the Taglio de Luce linear system. The light fixtures in this collection are fully integrated in the areas where they are installed, producing various light effects on the walls and ceilings.

The result of this collection of luminaires located in the project has generated the essential light quality and helped to create offices that improve the well-being of the Manusa team.