Mediterranean Luxury Villas



Pedro Gambín Hurtado
Jose Manuel Galindo Benito
Interior designer
Ao arquitectos
In collaboration with
Galysan constructions
Hábitat Creativa (Promoter)
Nadia Santo Marhuenda (Interior designer)


Diego Pazo




Finestrat, Valencia (Spain)

Lighting for luxury villas, 100% LEDS C4

Surrounded by mountains and with spectacular views out over the Benidorm coast, the complex comprises sixteen villas that blend into the hilly landscape. The premium quality villas were constructed with a fusion of materials from leading worldwide brands, featuring gold standards of design and based on strict quality control procedures.

The lighting in this project is an essential part of the aesthetics. In the daytime, sunlight fully illuminates the properties. At night, the lighting takes on special importance. On the outside, lighting is used to highlight the materials used in the construction, while points of light highlight exterior areas, such as the stairs, pathways to access the properties, and the various garden areas.

To achieve this, lighting solutions have been used from the LEDS C4 Outdoor catalogue, such as Kossel, Aphrodite, Gea, Nemesis, Icarus and Dot. The interior uses lighting solutions from the Decorative product range, such as Lia, for the interior stairs, and Stylus for the bar in the kitchen and the dining room table.