New Technology Centre Girona (CNTEC Girona)

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Oriol Urgell
In collaboration with
Instalaciones Sitjes
CNTEC Girona




Girona, Spain

New Technology Centre Girona (CNTEC Girona) forms a part of the CEDESCA Group, which is a collection of leading approved professional trai ning centres in the health and social health industry that have been offering training since 1981. Its new centre in Girona aims to be a modern, flexible space offering quality technical training.

To underline the space’s versatility and the flexibility of the CNTEC Gérone classrooms, different ambiences that vary according to the space’s requirements and time of use have been created. A “Professor” se tting illuminates the area where the teacher is positioned, while the “Projection” setting ensures the screen is more visible, and there is also a general lighting setting. All of these ambiences are controlled using button panels located in each classroom, which also allow the light intensity to be adjusted. The selection of LEDS C4 lights combined with the DALI2 button panel and sensor systemoffer the perfect balance between lighting control and efficiency.