Here at Leds C4 we design, manufacture and sell lights that meet our clients’ every need, offering a wide range of quality and eco-friendly products and services.


To be a global leader in the lighting sector, both in terms of the range and supply of our solutions and of the excellence of our service.


To contribute to people’s well-being through lighting.

Completely customer-oriented through the excellence of our products and services in order to become their business partner and promote the use of our solutions, create long-lasting and trusting relationships and increase our mutual benefits.

We offer a range of opportunities for all team members so that we can continue to meet our human and professional potential.

Making progress together with our providers, creating long-lasting relationships based on joint collaboration, trust and mutual benefits.

Committed to meeting all applicable legal requirements, improving our surrounding area and its sustainability. Based on the circular economy, we design sustainable products following eco-design criteria, taking into account the products’ life cycle to guarantee maximum durability while using materials and packaging that are not harmful to the environment. 
The organisation’s carbon footprint, SDGs and eco-packaging, among other projects, are all proof of Leds C4’s dedication to conducting its business in a way that is responsible and that respects the environment.


Based in Torà and with more than 25 years of accumulated experience, we are very aware of where we come from and the journey that we’ve taken to get here, and we base ourselves on the following values:

We are a company that is dynamic, flexible and open to innovation, demanding in terms of the final product and constantly trying to improve. We are also very demanding with the result of our actions. We accept that we may make mistakes, but we use them as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We work with excitement, ambition and perseverance.

We face all challenges and projects with professionalism, seriousness, dedication and commitment.

We make sure that our communication is fluid, clear, sincere and constructive.


We are accessible to all of our colleagues, clients and providers.

We always work with humility, honesty, equality and respect.

We are dedicated to preserving material goods and the wide use of natural resources.